I honestly think I have some of the most irrational fears ever. I’m only truly and deeply afraid of 2 things… and they’re the dumbest things to be afraid of.

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My New Year’s Eve was too confusing…

So, I went on a double date for New Year’s Eve with this new guy in town

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Well… I decided to post a few pictures of Elder Punkl and I on Valentines day, I suppose. I was trying to do a ding-dong ditch, but he had caught my friend and I before we could escape… Happy Anniversary, PUNKL!

This is what my tumblr picture now looks like! Wheeeeeeeee! :D

This is what my tumblr picture now looks like! Wheeeeeeeee! :D

Hey Guise

Guise. Hey. Hey guise. Guise. Seriously guise. Guise… they need to release the music video for 2NE1’s new song “I Love You”… I’m going mental. It’s really hard for me to not just listen to the audio people have been posting, but I want to wait until the M/V comes out! GRRRR!

… I also really badly want to see 2NE1 in concert in LA. I have the money for the ticket, but my parentals say no. ;-;

Dear Tucson,

FREAKING RAIN ALREADY! Today has been a miserable day because of how humid it is. Arizona is not made to be humid. We’re a dry heat! That’s why we’re in the freaking desert with no beaches, sad excuses for rivers, and a couple of very small lakes. So stop being over 100 degrees with about 70% humidity! It’s not pleasant. AT ALL. And I have a swamp cooler, which doesn’t work when it’s humid, so stop being humid or rain! I love Arizona rain, since our rain is always cold, so it makes Summer so much more pleasant here. BUT PLEASE. NO MORE HUMIDITY!


The girl sitting on her couch in pajamas, because it’s way too hot.

So, I’m leaving my University to attend a Community College in the same city…

I have a great reason behind it, though! I’m wanting to become a Sign Language Interpreter. This Community College I’m transferring to has a MUCH better ASL program than the University I’ve been attending. So, my plan is to get my associates in Sign Interpreting and then return to said University to get my degree, so that I’ll take some amazing classes towards my major that will benefit me later on. I’ve already looked up what this Community College has to offer towards ASL Interpreting, and I’m really impressed by how many classes they have towards it while the University has so little! I’m now super excited to be attending a lesser school for a couple of years. Bring on the awesome ASL classes! (I’m sad that I’ll have to continue taking my French classes at the Community College, but I’ll survive until I return to the University. Se la vie!)

Hahaha… Yeah…

Sorry for the Madeline spam, everyone.

I used to absolutely LOVE Madeline when I was a little girl. And just today as my family and I were unpacking everything, my Mom found my old Madeline doll (and my sister’s favorite baby doll she had named Ishiewahwah). I used to take her everywhere! She used to talk every time I hugged her, she’s always wearing the yellow school uniform, she also has the hat that she always seems to lose in the show/movie, and she has a blue coat! AAAAHHHHH! I was so excited when I saw her for the first time in SEVERAL years. (I think the funniest part to her is that if you look at her stomach, she has a scar just because Madeline had her appendix removed in one episode)

So, I suddenly started remembering the movie, the songs in the show, and (most importantly) the PC game I used to play ALL. THE. TIME.

GAAAH! I think I need to find the movie so I can watch it again. I wonder if Netflix has it… (I also need to see how much the children’s book costs, because I wouldn’t mind owning it and “Harry the Dirty Dog” AAAAHHH! SO MANY MEMORIES!)


I’m getting sick and tired of 2 things with Avatar: Legend of Korra!

1) I don’t have cable, so I have to wait until every Monday for nick.com to upload the episode on their website, instead of seeing it on Saturday morning like everyone else (excluding those who watch leaked episodes. You guys who do that are not fun, since the beauty of waiting for it to come on the tv screen makes you love and enjoy it more. I would be doing it if I had freaking cable.)

2) Nickelodeon is only releasing 1 episode a week. The suspense is KILLING ME! Nick, I would be much happier if it were a couple of episodes a week, but only 1 is just torture.

Okay. I’m done ranting now. I’ll just go drown my tumblr with ALAB, ALOK, HP, DW, Avengers, and various other posts that amuse me.

Do you want to know what the best date ever is?

My boyfriend had texted me yesterday asking me to come over to his house for a movie date. When I got there, he had his computer hooked up to his TV and had netflix up. He ran over to the couch and said, “You’re introducing me to Doctor Who. Get over here so you can make me a whovian!” I literally squealed and ran as fast as I could to the couch. We watched the 9th Doctor regenerating into the 10th Doctor (the Christmas special with the Sykorax) and then skipped ahead to “Blink” since he really badly wanted to see the Weeping Angels (since my facebook cover photo is a Weeping Angel, and he liked the idea of them). He kept quoting Doctor Who for the rest of the night as we watched The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother. IT WAS AWESOME! Best. Date. EVER!

So Elder Punkl finally sent an email update about being in Africa

I was laughing through the whole email. He says that he sticks out like a sore thumb, since he’s neon white. He also says that the reaction the children in Togo (since he’s in Togo at the moment, which both Benin and Togo are a part of his mission) they all stare at him funny and all yell at him saying, “WHITE PERSON!” in French. He says that they are either scared of him (since they’ve never seen a white person), are excited to see him and want to run up and touch him, or they just stand there staring at him. But he says that all of them will yell out that he’s a “white person.”

Apparently, it’s not uncommon for women to breastfeed in public in Togo as well. He said that’s it’s happened twice during a lesson that a woman will suddenly start breastfeeding her baby. It’s kind of weirding him out at the moment, but he thinks that he’ll probably get used to it very quickly.

It’s 90 degrees there, but there’s 100% humidity. And there isn’t any form of air conditioning there. Poor guy. He also has to shower with a garden hose and hand wash all his clothing. But he says that the food there is great.

Le sigh. I miss this guy. But he’s doing the right thing. Besides, time seems to be passing fairly quickly. I’m kind of shocked at how he’s already been gone for a bit over 3 months. It feels like just last week that I last saw him.

ANYWAYS, I must get back to what is now left of my life here in Tucson (since Elder Punkl was a fairly large chunk of it for about 3 of the 4 years I’ve known him). And I should probably send a text to my new boyfriend asking him how he’s liking Diablo III. (I need to think of a name to give him for when I talk about him on tumblr… hmmmm… oh well, he’s moving to Utah in a few weeks, anyway. So, he won’t be my boyfriend for much longer.)

Ummm. Yeah. Another vlog video. This time, it’s SUMMER! WHOO! And you get to see my absolutely beautiful and amazingly adorable husky/queensland heeler dog, Sheba! I’m sorry in advance for the awkward boob shots and the one screenshot where the camera is staring at my pants when I’m talking about my muddy feet.

I’m feeling very “melawnkalee”

If you understand the reference, “melawnkalee,” then I’ll love you forever.

Anyway, I won’t be on tumblr at all on May 4th(and I’ll possibly stay off facebook, depending on eveyone’s statuses). It’s too painful for me to see all the “May the 4th be with you” posts.

My hero died a year ago from that day(my hero was my Grandma). It was her time to pass, since she had lived a very painful life. She grew up with rheumatoid arthritis, lost the majority of her right arm, has been on more medication than any human alive, and had severe gang green in both legs since I was 7 years old(to the point that she had to be in a wheelchair for the rest of her life).

Well, finally she caught a really nasty virus that took her life. I was one of the last people that saw her. I had to stay with her for about 10 minutes while everyone in my family had errands to run. They didn’t want my sister to see her, and they thought I could handle seeing her in that condition. Well, I couldn’t. It was almost too much to handle when I saw her. She was wheezing so much that her entire body was shaking, and she was whiter than her bed sheets. I’ll never forget that she whispered to me that she wanted me to say a prayer for her. I remember that I didn’t ask Heavenly Father to make her better… only to take away her pain. Well, he did. I’m glad, in a sense, since it was awful watching her suffer as she did throughout my entire childhood.

So, I’ll see everyone again on May 5th. Have a fun Star Wars filled day, everyone. I’ll be distracting myself from depression by staying off, going on a date with my friend to see “The Avengers” (since I decided not to go to the midnight showing), and I’ll be going to a graduation/pajama/Disney movie party.

See you guys later!

Oh Holy Dang…

So my missionary, Elder Punkl, entered the MTC yesterday. He and I officially broke up last Thursday and have reverted back to being best friends, since we both agreed that he needs to focus on his mission. Now here’s the REALLY weird part, one of my friends just asked me out on date for this Saturday. I was completely shocked, and he asked me in the funniest way possible. He sent me a text saying, “So I hear today is the day, Lynyrd Skynyrd. What shall we do to celebrate?” and I was completely confused for a while and thought he was wanting to go to a concert until he explained what he meant with, “Haha ok, bad pun. You said after March 7th you would be a ‘Free Bird’” … I died of laughter once I got it. I just couldn’t say no to a date after that. That was way too funny. So Beard-Man (that’s what I’m going to call him since he has a beard) and I will be going out to lunch and then to some batting cages. He’s going to discover that I can’t hit a baseball to save my life. This will be an interesting first date after my heartbreaking end to the best relationship I’ve ever been in. (Just so everyone is still clear, I’m friends on facebook with my ex-boyfriend’s mom, and I don’t want her to know that I’m already going on a date after Elder Punkl and I just broke up and he just barely left for his mission. It would be awkward, and I don’t want Elder Punkl to find out, since it would probably hurt him a lot.)

Le sigh…

So here I am, looking pretty pathetic right now. I’m sorry, yet again, to rant on tumblr. I don’t care if anyone on here who follows me really cares about this, but I can’t rant about this stuff on facebook since I’m friends with my boyfriend’s mom. And i REALLY need to vent.

It feels like the world is suddenly crumbling to pieces. I just suddenly came to the realization that my best friend in the entirety of existence is leaving to go preach the gospel half way across the world in just a week. I know he’ll be in the MTC in Provo for at least a month, but it still sucks majorly. I’m super excited that he’s going to be serving a mission in Benin, Africa… but I hate it as well. I think the reason why I hate it is because he’s leaving without me. I wish I could pack up and go on his mission with him right now.

I think what’s really scaring me is that tomorrow is the last day I’ll see him for 2 years. I’m terrified. We had agreed that it would be easier on us if we said our goodbyes outside of the airport before he’s set apart as a missionary, so that we can at least hug each other when we part instead of just shaking hands. We’re meeting tomorrow at the biggest park where I live. I wonder how long we’re going to hang out together. I’m already dreading having to part with him. I’ve known him for so long, and it’s only been recently that he and I had romantic feelings for each other, which makes him leaving suck even more.

Ah man. I’ve been crying on and off all day today about this. I’m hoping I can run my tears dry so that when he and I finally say goodbye, I won’t suddenly break down in front of him. I want him to leave knowing that I’ll be alright and know that I really want him to go. Even if I know he’s the only guy for me. He doesn’t want me to wait for him, and only because he says he would feel better since he feels that he’s too inferior for me, which he definitely is not… so I’m not sure what I’ll do.

Thank you, tumblr world, for allowing me to rant without my boyfriend’s mother reading everything I write. I really needed to vent to the world, and not just to my mom.